An easy way to increase your Brand Visibility is to boost your performance on online marketplaces.Implement well planned strategies to boost your performance on online marketplaces.It is important to rank well on online marketplaces to have a better visibility among your competitors.

Are your products visible on relevant keyword searches????

Relevant keywords for your products can increase your sales rank,impact search results on online marketplaces and would influence your sales.

What we solve for you?

Product Positioning

Get to know how your products rank in search results on online marketplaces.

Category Ranks

Monitor the positioning of your products in different categories.

Best Sellers Rank

Monitor the amazon sales rank for your products for the categories you deal with. Know the Best sellers rank for your product’s parent and subcategory.

This snapshot of Kinator shows keywords that are frequently used by buyers. It also shows what product (brand) is coming at which position thus representing Brand Visibility. In case if N/A is there it denotes an absence of that product at particular Online platform.

There is a provision to Add Keyword also.

With its help, one can add a single keyword or more than one keyword and then select a channel before saving it. When crawling is done, it gets displayed under Topmost keywords list showing your product presence at various marketplaces.


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