Get actionable insights in form of excel reports and figures. Know your Key Performance Indicators. Quickly observe the unsold inventory. Know the products that count to your revenue generation.

What we solve for you?

  • Collect, Analyze and Build Promotional Campaigns for Online Marketplaces
  • Coordination with multiple channels to get sales data for your products.
  • Our expert Data Analysts measure the sales performance for online marketplaces.
  • Plan Promotions on the appropriate channel and spend effectively on best selling products and Laggards.
  • Plan Seasonal Promotions on the upcoming events and festivals.
  • Customizable dashboards for channel wise sales report
  • Detailed MIS reports
  • Decision making analytics for increasing sales on multiple sales channels

Recent Blogs

5 Reasons you should be talking about Multi Channel Selling

Multi Channel selling means selling your products on multiple platforms, including e Commerce platforms, various marketplaces, and offline. According to the PWC report 2016, Results shows that 54% buy products online weekly or monthly, 34% agree that their mobile phone...

Mobile Optimized Imagery for FMCG Products

When it comes to selling FMCG products online, images play a very important role. Customers rely more on images rather than written content to relate with the products quickly. It is quite surprising that a large number of manufacturers underestimate...

5 Senses Strategy for Product Content

Product content can trigger the 5 senses of online shoppers even though they do not have an opportunity to touch and feel the products being sold online. 1. Sight Create a vision A customer experience study made by...

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