Ensure Product data Compliance, Optimization and Consistency

Content Optimization is the foremost weapon for an E-tailer to lead among its competitors. Buyer always searches the query using some relevant keywords and if visitor get answers to all questions reading the product content, you are likely to close a sale. And obviously, if the content is nicely framed with good product images or videos, the ‘Wow’ factor works very well.

Say you are selling “Your Brand Mango Juice” but an Amazon search of “Mango Drinks” does not result in your product on its first page, then you are for sure losing some sales. It is not only Google search engine optimization, you can optimize your content for marketplaces as well.

According to worldwide retail survey conducted by IBM, “Retailers and suppliers estimate that 5% of their active SKUs have inaccuracies .”

Are you delivering rich, accurate, consistent, optimized and sales driven content across all channels??

What we solve for your products ?

Brand Positioning

Our content experts optimize your product content to improve your product positioning in search results on popular channels.

Accurate Categorization

We ensure your products are placed under accurate categories and are enriched with relevant keywords

Keywords usage

We use most recent searched and relevant keywords in your product content so as it comes at the topmost position at online marketplaces.

Sharable or closed access to your distributors and sales channels

You can trust us. We will not reveal your information to others.

Centralized Digital asset management

You need not worry about storage. Product images, relevant videos, and other digital media files for product information can be stored on cloud.

Update your product details as per marketplace requirement

Online platform needs frequent updations. Some keywords are to be added, some text to be deleted, image addition etc is minute things that should be taken care of. We can also handle customer queries on your behalf.

Self Presence

We also show your true picture at online marketplaces. Whether you are present or absent on the very first page when the buyer searches for a product.

Ensure accurate and consistent content

Our content team ensures your product information is consistent across all channels and comply with your brand guidelines.

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