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When it comes to selling FMCG products online, images play a very important role. Customers rely more on images rather than written content to relate with the products quickly. It is quite surprising that a large number of manufacturers underestimate the power of product images and fail to make a connection with customers. With the […] Read more

Buy Box: Driving Seller Towards Success

Online Marketplace is a never-ending relay race with Buy Box as a baton but the difference is that this race comprises of different sellers not united in a team. The baton moves from one seller to another during the course of time even if one doesn’t want to lose it. Lightning tools that route sellers […] Read more

Top 3 Challenges faced by E-Retailers in 2016

E-tailers face many challenges in today’s competitive Business World. The following infographic looks at the top three challenges faced by E-tailers in 2016 which are: Content Optimization Retail Analytics Omni-channel presence

Uncover The Compelling Secrets To Rank Well In Amazon Search Results

“Search Engine Optimization” Most of you might have perceived it as the Google Search Engine Optimization. Google is the not only search engine, I am talking here about the SEO for converting clicks to revenue directly. Yes, It’s about Amazon Search Engine.  Forrester Research suggests that one-third of the users start product search on Amazon. […] Read more

Data Collection and analysis for forming Sales Strategy in E-commerce

This article presents insights into problems faced by companies in getting competitive information from e-commerce channels and what they can do in such a scenario.   Data Collection and Analysis for forming Sales Strategy in E-commerce Ecommerce in India is expected to be around USD 22 billion in 2015 with around 243 million in 2014. […] Read more

Business Intelligence Analytics

Software which is extensively used by Business Users is “Business Intelligence Analytics”  as it provides ease of use of dashboards from home as well as workplace. In every company be it big or small , there is a constant need to improve on tools for data visualization. Most firms have traditional Business Intelligence  platforms like […] Read more

5 Senses Strategy for Product Content

  Product content can trigger the 5 senses of online shoppers even though they do not have an opportunity to touch and feel the products being sold online. 1. Sight Create a vision   A customer experience study made by UPS in March 2015,50% of the mobile users in Asia prefer computer based shopping vs. […] Read more

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